The year has only just begun, but it’s hard to see how 2016 could get much better for our own wonder woman Jocelyn Conway!


This is a behind the scenes image showing Jocelyn Conway teaching on a newborn photography workshop


She started the new year with an absolute bang last month, earning her Fellowship from the SWPP (which is the highest qualification by submission in the photographic industry) as well as winning her second straight Photographer of the Year Award.


This Image Shows Jocelyn Conway with the Judges that awarded her a Fellowship at the SWPP Convention 2016


And in addition to being recognised by the industry, she has also been recognised by the mainstream press for her market-leading work in the field of newborn photography!

There’s a good reason that Jos is known as “The Celebrity Baby Whisperer”, and if you’ve seen the articles in the Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and OK! magazine this month, you’ll know that one of her red carpet clients is none other than the Rooney family!


Coleen Rooney's Tweet showing an image of the Bump Cast created for her by Jocelyn Conway


“Love my bump cast and photos. Thanks @Photojos,” wrote Coleen Rooney on Twitter. The proud new mum had just received Jos’ portraits of baby Kit, along with the Bump Cast of her pregnancy bump – which proved immensely popular on social media and among the press, who were quick to report on the story!

Her mentor and fellow Baby Whisperer Academy tutor, Damian McGillicuddy, said that he was “proud to be her mentor and help her develop her craft and business”. Damian said the recognition was well deserved and that he looks forward to helping Jocelyn progress further on her professional journey.

We’re supremely proud of Jocelyn and the roaring start she’s made to 2016 – it’s a real privilege to have her as part of the Baby Whisperer Academy team and her success makes us even more excited for the events we’ve got planned for the rest of the year! Keep an eye on our social media for what’s coming up… though at this rate, you might be reading about it in the news as well!

Take care,

The Baby Whisperer Team