As ever it was a real privilege to be sharing info and shooting images as Olympus principal photographer at the inaugural Newborn Photography show in Birmingham.  The organisers should be rightly proud of themselves and get my whole hearted congratulation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the very BEST thing about my role is getting to meet the “photo public” – you guys!  It was fab to see some old faces and a true delight to meet the new ones.  Jocelyn and I, one of my colleagues from The Baby Whisperer Academy, had a blast both afternoons; posing lighting and shooting LIVE on stage Cody and here beautiful “bump” and two “star” little newborns.

Being on the live stage and showing people what was possible with minimal kit and of course the mighty OM-D is always fun.  I LOVE to see the look of shock, awe and surprise on the audiences face when they see the stunning quality on the back screen of the OM-D, as I’ve said before this really is the future – both evolution and revolution!

All the images were lit with simple speed lights, and either simple umbrellas or the McGillicuddy Mega umbrella, the “BIG softie”.  I wanted to demonstrate that beautiful light need not be expensive.

The OM-D’s size and features make it the perfect  tool for creating newborn art in my opinion.  Small and compact enough to use all day long and not intimidate with mum or baby.  The flip out screen is a major bonus, not only does it save on ones back but makes the aerial shots a breeze and far safer than balancing on ladders above the newborn!  Even the soft focus built in art filter eases the workflow and creates a beautiful look… and quality, well we all know that that is more than good enough.

We are just sorting out the new season of training workshops at the academy, there may even be a sneaky opportunity to fit a newborn workshop in with Cody in the next 5 to six weeks before she looses her “bump”.  If you are interested drop us a quick message and we will see what magic we can perform

Till next time,



newborn portrait shot on the OM-D with the EM-1 using the "soft focus" art filter


baby max nicely tucked up BLOG


stylised fine art pregnancy portrait shot on the Olympus EM-1



stylised pregnancy portrait using the "soft focus" art filter built int the Olympus OM-D


Max mono head shot BLOG